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I found this VN unique in a strange but good way! 


The story concept is really topical, and I like the sketchy look of the animations, but the patience function is absolutely intolerable. I was reading normally, getting engaged in the story, and was reset multiple times. It's only more infuriating when attempting to replay. Maybe adding a setting to toggle it on/off, or only having it on sections that are especially dense...?


Thanks so much for playing! 

I'll look into turning on/off the the patience function for version. I had it in a build initially on Steam and had a number of returns because of folks blazing through the game without reading and "not getting it." So I've been stuck with trying to find an elegant solution tbh.


I would argue that people who blaze through it without reading are not your target audience in the first place. It's a game where the primary mechanic is reading.


There is something uniquely insulting about a visual novel that punishes you for being a fast reader.


Thanks for playing!

could you possibly add card payment for those of us (me) who don't have paypal, please! I really would appreciate it!!


Updated! For some reason I thought paypal let you pay with a card as well!

can you upload a video of game play aswell


Hey mehrdadsh! actually uploaded a nice YouTube clip of the first 10 minutes or so. 

Check it out:



This was a really interesting experience! I thought the animation style was very engaging and helped keep all of the text visually stimulating. Even though this is an early chapter, there's already a clear and interesting perspective on the ramifications of the globalized mining industry. I think this could be a very useful story for getting people to engage with an underrepresented issue.

Thanks so much! Really glad you got a chance to play. I'm going to be publishing some big-ish updates soon so I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!


missing GNU/Linux version - it's known that Unity also compiles to GNU/Linux...


Thanks for the feedback @nitrofurano! 

I've released my other games on Linux, but haven't had a chance to test The Last Survey on a Linux distro yet. Since the game is still in development I haven't got around to it... but if you're interested in volunteering to test it and letting me know how it runs, that'd be great! 

Otherwise, I'll be sure to let you know when I release a build for Linux. Thanks again!

yes, i'm interested! will be a pleasure testing the GNU/Linux version! thanks for the feedback as well!

Awesome! I found your contact on your website so I'll send you a message in the next couple of days for testing :)

thanks! :) 

Hey this comment is almost a year old. What is the current status of the Linux version?

Hey thiscris and nitrofurano. I'm going to try to create a Linux build today. Sorry for the delay, got really backed up with other projects and work.