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In 1932, veterans joined together to protest their withheld backpay from foreign service in WWI. Their cohort, titled the Bonus Expeditionary Force (BEF), set up camp in Anacostia, a neighborhood of Washington D.C., to plan their sit-ins and direct political actions. Soon after their arrival, the National Guard and the US Army were called upon by President Hoover to forcibly remove these men, women, and children that resulted in a brutal and deadly confrontation.

Journalist and Activist Sewilla Lamar was a pivotal figure within the BEF, and her violent ousting from Washington separated her from her comrades. This expulsion set in motion an epic journey back to Los Angeles on foot, by car, and freight train hopping. Unfortunately, like her time in Washington, the trip home was filled with strife.

This game documents her inspiring and harrowing adventure and asks players to use strategic thinking and creative problem solving to guide her through a landscape of perils and desperation.


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