Menu options and Bug Fixes

After taking a little break from a flurry of bug fixes based on some really great feedback, I came back around to implementing some menu options to allow for players to restart the level they're on and also to jump back to the main menu. This added functionality also prevents the music from  continuing to play after restarting the game. Also, I've gotten word that occasionally some of the collider dependencies for text selection get turned off and I wanted to see how I could prevent that from happening on the PC build. Hopefully just restarting the level will allow for those to operate correctly.

Combined with this I've also gone through and tried to correct any other compiler and run-time errors that was occurring during the PC build. This version (1.09), now comes bundled with the pb_build files in case of any other further crashes the pb_compiler can try and create a trace to where errors might be happening in my code or in other settings. This way any submitted error reports can give me more specific indications of where crashes and breaks are happening.

Thanks to everyone that's followed the progress of this game and to those that have downloaded! I'm excited to share more news of the game in 2018 :) 


The Trolley (v1.09) — Mac (OSX 10.10+) 243 MB
Dec 22, 2017
The Trolley (v1.09) — Mac (OSX universal) 254 MB
Dec 22, 2017
The Trolley (v1.09) — Windows 269 MB
Dec 22, 2017

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