"Double Click" Fix, Collision Update, Misc bugs


After sitting down with my friend Jeremy Coulliard and watching him play through and showing me some bugs he experienced, I fixed a large portion of some issues that were happening with the text when you double clicked on certain actions and narrative text. I think I should have that all ironed out for now.

One particular bug that seemed to be hanging him up was clicking on certain prompts that would increment counters within the second dismantling section. I was able to fix this, and also improve some of the collision issues that he caught during the incline sections. It was super useful to watch him play and create some pretty serious breaks. Hopefully I've patched the problems he was experiencing.

Also, I've patched some other minor bugs that were happening with the cursor, as well as improved a couple sections of animation to make spacial navigation a bit easier. I also added some minor cosmetic items during the last dismantle section to indicate some changes between different days you return to the work site. Probably nothing that other people noticed, but something that caught my eye as I went through and patched some other issues.

Lastly, I noticed there was a problem with the PC version activating the credits sequence. Even though the level was loading and the end credit music was playing properly, the actual sequence itself wasn't displaying. Hopefully that shouldn't be an issue. 

As always, if you experience any problems or want to send me feedback please leave a comment on the page or send me a message!


The Trolley (v1.11) — Mac (OSX 10.10+) 203 MB
Jan 10, 2018
The Trolley (v1.11) — Windows 250 MB
Jan 10, 2018
The Trolley (v1.11) — Linux 203 MB
Jan 10, 2018

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